Mirror mirror on my…sunglasses?

Mirrored aviators are a huge thing right now. They come in all kinds of color colors and sizes. They are available from brands like Ray Ban (about $170) to stores like Forever 21 ($12) . Ray Ban also will allow you to customize your own pair through their website. I don’t think this trend is going to be very long term so an inexpensive pair is the way to go.


Baby It’s Cold Outside

My biggest issue with cold weather besides the fact that it’s cold is dressing for it. It is so difficult to look cute when you are bundled up like the kid from ” A Christmas Story”. Here is a list of things that can up the style factor.
1. Fingerless gloves.
Yes, they used to be an indication that you were homeless but like the Jefferson’s this accessory is moving on up.
2. Embellished head wrap.
This little beauty is popping up everywhere. The knit is super warm and the whole idea has vintage feel.
3.The Infinite scarf
So cool and ultra versatile. Choose one in a little weight fabric and this one will follow you into the spring.
4. Moto jacket
This item has been around forever and never loses its cool factor. Spend a little more for a good quality one and this will be in your closet forever.
5. Over the knee boots
Black or a chocolate brown is best. Going light on the hardware will add to the longevity of this piece.

Many of the above items will be heading to the clearance racks in the next four weeks or so. Buy them now even if it means saving them for next year.


Knock Off Knock Outs

Look ,I love designer goods. I have champagne taste but am on a beer budget. We are talking nattie ice not Heineken.
Sometimes a knock off can be a beautiful thing. They can add class to an unexciting outfit but not all knock offs are created equal.
For me, a knock off handbag is a huge no. Save up for the real thing. The materials used in a knock off bags are sub par. A handbag gets daily use and will not hold up over time. Everyone knows a fake bag when they see one and it makes you appear like you are trying way too hard. Save your money towards the real thing.
Knock off shoes are a yes. Shoes are far enough away that no one will get a close enough look to be able to tell the difference.
Knock off of iconic patterns are a screaming yes. Missoni zigzags are famous because they are Missoni. Similar zigzags can be found in a variety of stores. Be on the look out. I picked up a great pair of zigzagged rain boots for $15. Burberry plaid is amazing but out of my budget. I found a similar plaid scarf for $26. No one would ever know these pieces aren’t the real thing.
So now you know what to look for but where to look?
1. Factory stores (aka the outlets ). These big box stores know what sells and are not afraid to reproduce it.
2. eBay
Direct from China probably made in the same factory as the real thing.
3. Small boutiques
The buyers for these stores have an eye for this stuff. Even if you don’t normally shop in these stores check them out for small items like scarfs, belts and jewelry.


Skin 101


Cosmetic counters can be intimidating. Especially when the sales people use words like glycolic acid , benzoyl peroxide  and salicylic acid. As if you know what any of that means. Here’s a little help.

If you have acne prone skin all of the above are great in moderation. Benzoyl peroxide clears skin by killing bacteria. It’s best when found in a scrub since this gets the dead skin off and allows the benzoyl peroxide to penetrate the upper layers of the skin.

Glycolic acid cause the top most layer of your skin to shed. It can be very drying so use these product sparingly. These product cause sun sensitivity in most people so, use a sunscreen .

Salicylic  acid is a drying agent. I like it best in a gel form. It is great as a spot treatment for breakouts but can be really drying so unless your face is an absolute pizza use glycolic acid or salicylic acid not both.

Most products contain some form of alcohol. Try to make sure it’s not the first ingredient. Mineral oil is a huge no no in anything that goes on your face.

You should wash and moisture your skin morning and night. No exceptions! A mask and scrub once a week is mandatory if you are over thirty.

Distressed Jeans How To.

Distressed jeans don’t have to make you look like you are financially destitute. They can be incredibly chic when worn properly. Here are the rules for wearing them.
1. Fit Matters
The fit should be slim even if they are a boyfriend cut. Especially in the crotch and rear.
2. Distressed vs. Destroyed
There is a huge difference between a few frayed areas and hole that could fit a baseball. The later isn’t attractive. Don’t even try it.
3. Opposites Attract
To offset the casualness of the jeans, pair them with something dressy. Pearls and heels look amazing , as do classic colors like black and white. A conservative button down shirt is an excellent choice.
4. Don’t Be Wishy-washy
Pay attention to the wash or color of the jeans. A light wash can be fine but if the light spots have too much contrast you can look like you just stepped out of an 80’s hair band video. It was a terrible look the first time around so let’s not revisit.


Trend alert: bright lips

 The age of the nude lip is over and I must say I am not the least bit sad to see it go. Let’s be honest it’s rather boring and it over stayed it’s welcome by at least three years thanks to the Kardashians. Bright lips are in but we aren’t talking grandma’s red either. The colors are more saturated and  there are more options image imagethan the standard tube. I love crayons. They give lots of control as to where the color goes. Do not attempt without lip liner because the colors can run leaving you looking like a deranged clown. Bright lips go best with subtle eye makeup. The color should go with what you are wearing and doesn’t have to be an exact match. Berry colors work really well with blues and purples. Reds and orange can look great with a true red. Most importantly experiment and have fun with it. It’s just lipstick for crying out loud!