Blue Skies Ahead

As spring approaches, we find ourselves in the middle of a major color shift. The black, white and maroon palate around which fall and winter wardrobes were built are being replaced with camel and pastels. 

As you purchase pieces for spring look for pale pink , sky and powder blue with camel and cream for neutrals. 

It’s been a while since these colors were “in”. So for me this new and fresh and fun. Handbags in these sweet colors are everywhere with Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff offering my favorites. Even Target seems entirely prepared for this trend. 

The vibe is lady like with an edge. Dresses, which have been the go to for many years now have been replaced with blouse and shirt combos. The whole system has been turned on its ear. It’s exciting! We are officially out of the fashion rut that has been painfully obvious the last few years. 

Big Hair Don’t Care 

Maybe it’s because I consider my self a good southern girl ( I use the word good loosely), I have always loved big hair. I learned how to do a proper southern blow out when I got my first blow dryer at five ( true story). Big hair is inspiring. It says ” I am Bridgitte Bardot and Dolly Parton rolled in to one” . It’s sexy and sassy and sweet all at once. I screams youth even if you aren’t young. 

Achieving big hair can be a challenge for some but today there is lots of help available. 

1. Vitamins- biotin, vitamin e , pantothenic acid

2. Leave in strengthener- I use Anti Snap by Redken

3. Velcro Rollers when blow drying 

4. Hair spray – L’Oreal Elnett is the best.

5. Clip in extensions- these are really easy to use and are available at any beauty supply store.

All about the base

The most difficult thing about make up and its application is your base or foundation. Matching up the color can seem absolutely impossible. Drug store brands offer no tester and department store brands look wrong once you leave the store. Both options can leave you looking like you are wearing a mask (and not one of those cool masquerade ones) I recommend having no less than four shades of foundation in your possession at any given time. Yes, you read that right. It may sound excessive but here is the logic. Four seasons four shades. One for your skin tone during the summer , one for the winter and two shades that are in between.
This will allow you to mix them and find a perfect match regardless of the current conditions.
There is no law saying you have to use only one color but there is a law saying your face should match your neck. Nothing looks more ridiculous than a dark face and light neck. Please do us all a favor and blend all around your jaw line. Do us all a solid and double check especially if you are wearing your hair back. It’s the spinach in your teeth of makeup mistakes. Everyone notices but no one will mention it.

Pop of color

Neutrals are great but colors are what make fashion interesting. Bright and bold color can and does make an outfit. So where to start ? Accessories of course. A bright bag or pair of shoes are the best way to welcome spring. Right now I am loving jewel tones. Cobalt blue, royal purple and raspberry are amazing! Pastel blue and mint are also having a bit of a moment. So honestly anything goes. Jewel tones merge effortlessly with black or navy. Pastels work best with tan or grey. So mix and match.



I found this amazing pair of shoes at Off Fifth for $49. I have already worn them twice and received multiple compliments . They are unexpected and fun . They aren’t quite a winter shoe but they aren’t spring either which actually, makes them both.

Highlight Highlights

Highlighting with makeup can be a life changer. Here’s a quick way to do it.

Step1: using a concealer two shades lighter than your foundation apply around eyes down the bridge of nose and at center of chin.

Step 2: lightly blend

Step 3: apply foundation to forehead, cheeks , nose and chin.

Step 4: blend completely

Step 5: apply bronzer along hairline ,under blushed cheeks and sides of nose.

Step 6: finish with eye makeup and lipstick