Wide legged pants

Wide leg pants are very in for Spring/ Summer but, they can be very tricky to wear. Here are the rules to keep from looking homeless.

1. Get the length tailored. Decide what type of shoe you planning on wearing with them and never deviate from that. Keeping the heel height appropriate for the pant length keeps your legs looking long and lean.

2. Not too tight on top and definitely not loose! The top you pair with this type of pant should really be somewhere in the middle to tight and you will look like a  pear. To loose and people will ask where your sign is but they may give you their spare change so, whatever. 

3. Accessories are a must. This says ” yes , I am pulled together “. Choose long dangly earrings or a long necklace that hits at your belly button.






Just Peachy

Black and white has been in for several seasons now. As Spring approaches I urge you to update the black and white thing by adding a bit of color. This peach top has a really cool pleated back detail. Any type of back detail is in for Spring. This can mean a cut out, a bow, some lace or twists in the fabric. 

The shoes are Tory Burch and the go with everything. I wear them at least twice a week from August to April ao they were definitely worth the money. If you are a girl on a budget. These should definitely be a piece you strive to save up for. 

On the road again!

Spring break time is here and that means vacations. Vacations mean packing. For most people this is the worst part of any trip. I wiah I could take my whole closet but my husband says renting a Uhaul to go away for a week is excessive. He’s such a buzz kill. Due to the fact that I have to travel in a van with four other people I must keep it to one suitcase. Here are my Packing tips.

1. Chose a palette and stick to it. I chose a neutral brown or black and then build my outfits around the neutral chose.

2. Chose dinner attire first. Dresses are easily packed so I decide what I will be wearing at night first. I then pack shoes for each of the dinner dresses. For a weeks worth of dinners out I take seven dresses and three pairs of heels. One grey, one black and one nude. This creates endless possibilities.

3. Keep daywear simple. I pack three bottoms. White, black and denim in either jeans, skirts or shorts depending on destination. Then seven tops one of which will be a white button down. This one peice is perfect for every single trip you will ever go on regardless of season or location. It is a great layering piece for colder weather and is really cute unbuttoned over a bikini top. if you dont own one I suggest you visit jcrewfactory.com and order one now.

4. Go crazy with accessories. This is where you can most certainly over pack. Necklaces and earring take up very little space and can be packed within any handbags you may take.

5. Three handbag minimum. Speaking of handbags, you need three. A crossbody day bag, an evening clutch and a tote or larger purse. Chose ones that are bold and interesting in order to balance all the neutrals.

6. Its always sweater weather. Even if your destination is sunny and seventy five, restaurants are cold. Throw in a sweater in a bright color that mixes with the rest. You can judge this by looking at your packed suitcase if something doesn’t match everything else, than it isn’t going to work. Take it out. 

Happy spring break!